Bubbles 2

Bursting bubbles has never been more fun!

beta version 1.0

The enjoyable and colorful puzzle game now in a new edition with more game options, prizes, high scores, making it ideal for spending hours of boredom in front of the computer, clearing the bubbles from the screen.

In the recent years, Bubbles games has became an important component of any online gaming site. There's no doubt that the success of Bubbles game is a significant factor in the rise of online games web sites, and one of the most played flash game of all times. There are many websites that are based on this category of games similiar to Bubbles. The points element and the option to play and improve your score makes the players all over the world play again and again and become addicted to this enjoyable game. The idea to play with your mouse with no time constraint makes it easy and relaxing, like a meditation, what makes it perfect and convenient for a lot of players.

We now provide the opportunity to be part of the next generation of this game, Bubbels 2. This new edition of Bubbles aims to be revolutionary and provide you, the users, a better option to play with, an improved version that includes new features like a canon bomb that explodes every bubble it hit, 'dummy' bubbles that can only be popped by exploding that bubbles next to it, two-colored bubbles that matches two kinds of hits, and more surprises.

This new game also gives that user the opportunity to compete with his friends and finally know who is the best Bubbels 2 player. You are invited to play in the Bubbles 2 Facebook application, that includes high scores tables and comparisons to your friends' scores.

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